Office Space For Rent In DMCC

March 29 2019


Can I buy an office in the DMCC Free Zone?

Yes, the DMCC area is freehold and you can purchase office space and residential properties within the free zone.

Does DMCC offer flexi-desks/virtual office solutions?

DMCC has a wide range of Business Centre products and services available including flexi desks and serviced offices.

Can our company have multiple offices?

Yes, you can have multiple offices in one tower on one license. However, DMCC requires separate licenses for offices that are in separate towers.

What storage facilities are available for precious stones, gold, diamonds etc?

DMCC has state-of-the-art gold and diamond vaults available to lease at Almas Tower, home to the Dubai Diamond Exchange and Dubai Gold Exchange.

Does the DMCC have warehouses available?

DMCC has partnered with The Box Self Storage to offer different storage solutions to cater to the needs of both the business and residential communities.

Does the DMCC allow factories in the Free Zone area?

Jewellery manufacturing and light industries are allowed in the DMCC Free Zone.

Can my staff live on my factory premises?

DMCC has developed specialised facilities for companies operating in the jewellery and gems sector, whereby staff may be accommodated near the industrial premises.

Can a company with multiple licenses have a Flexi Desk for each license separately?

Yes, any company having multiple licenses can have a Flexi Desk for each license provided that the license activities do not specify certain property type (i.e. the activity does not require a retail shop, physical office space…etc.)

Example: If a company has a trading license on a Flexi Desk and wishes to apply for an additional service license, the new license can also be on another Flexi Desk or the company has also the option to move to a physical office of at least 100 sqm to accommodate both licenses.



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