Sustainability License for Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

April 24 2019

A world of excesses is quickly coming to realise that our recourses will not last us forever. Sustainability is the new mantra, especially in times where the focus is on renewable and clean energy, electric cars and conservation of water.

The affluent MENA region in general, and the UAE in particular, have recently commenced initiatives to ensure more sustainability of resources and their judicious use. Sustainability also helps in reducing costs, and a cleaner environment.

For businesses, practicing sustainability has slowly become the norm. Dubai has recognized this need with the issuance if the Sustainability License, for mainland companies.

What is the sustainability license?

All entities that wish to setup in Dubai, have to register with a physical workspace. Earlier, the DED requirement was a minimum of at least 500 square feet, which was expensive for startups. Also, most startup companies started operations as a one-two member team, and hence this bigger office space requirement was an impediment, both in costs and wastage of space and resources.

As part of their ongoing reforms, the Dubai Government issued regulations allowing for more affordable spaces for business setup. Partnering with business centres across Dubai, the DED allowed most Commercial and Professional licenses to be set up on a Sustainability Desk, with a minimum space of 50 square feet.

How has sustainability license helped startups and investors in Dubai?

The Sustainability License has made the costs of doing business in the Dubai mainland very affordable. Individuals are now able to setup in Dubai at minimal costs, which frees up a lot of their available funds to invest in marketing and promotion efforts. It has also helped overseas investors setup in Dubai and test the waters, at a much reduced cost.

How much does a Sustainability License cost?

While costs vary in the market, depending on a lot of factors such as location and additional amenities, 10 Zone provides sustainability desk spaces in a prime location in Business Bay (1stbuilding from the Dubai Metro) for as low as AED 1,000 per month. Added services usually include access to meeting room spaces, WIFI, electricity and water and common receptionists.

What other factors do I need to consider when starting up on a Sustainability License?

 The usual procedure for setting up a company in mainland Dubai still applies, and requirements vary depending on the intendedactivitiesand the license type (commercial or professional). A UAE National will be required either as a local sponsor(in case of trading LLCs) or a Service Agent (in case of consultancies). You can browse through our detailed page on starting a company in the Dubai mainland.

 What are Sustainability Company Formation packages? What does it include?

While sustainability desks fulfill the office space requirement, investors still need guidance and assistance on completing the process of forming their company in Dubai. We at 10 Zone recognize this, and have designed packages to ensure hassle-free and cost-effective business setup in Dubai.

We have multiple Sustainability Company Formation Packages. They usually include:

Sustainability desk space

  • A dedicated workstation space for your company in a DED-authorised business center in a prime location in Dubai
  • 24 X 7 access to your desk space
  • Free Wi-Fi and DEWA charges
  • Access to meeting-room spaces
  • Eligibility for 2 investor visas and 1 employment visa

 License: This includes the government fees (Arabic trade name) till the issuance of the commercial license.

Court Notarization: The signing of the company MOA by the foreign partner with UAE national which is notarized in the Dubai Courts.

UAE National Annual Fee: The annual fees paid by the foreign partner to the UAE national for acting as a local sponsor or local service agent.

Company Stamp: A standard size company stamp, that is mandatory for all transactions.

Establishment Card: An electronic card issued by the Ministry of Immigration. This is required for processing visas.

Investor visa processing: The visa for one investor (outside the country). The medical insurance will be separate.

 Contact us to enquire about our Sustainability Company Formation packages, and setup in Dubai today!

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