Setting Up In The UAE: Getting A Media License in Dubai

April 01 2019

Setting Up In The UAE: Getting A Media License in Dubai

If you want to get a media license in Dubai, the Media Licensing Department is the place to go. Under the National Media Council (NMC), the federal government body that is tasked to undertake all media regulations, this department provides a license for any entity that carries out media activities related to the production, transmission, distribution and transmission of printed, digital, audio, and visual information through the media, including the activities of the press and other electronic means.

Here are the general conditions you need to fulfill in order to secure a license:

  •         You should be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, or of the Cooperation Council for the Gulf States
  •         At least 25 years old
  •         Of good reputation
  •         Not to have been sentenced to a crime of dishonesty or misdemeanour unless he or she has been rehabilitated or pardoned by competent authorities
  •         Pay on time, in accordance with the schedules set for the license fee
  •         The applicant himself undertakes the procedures of the license, or another who acts for the applicant with a notary
  •         The applicant shall not be a member of the National Media Council

Supporting documents required:

  •         Emirates ID card photocopy
  •         Registered Tenancy Contract or Title Deed
  •         Trade License photocopy

How long will it take?

From the start to finish – the end marked by you receiving the media license receipt – the average length of time is fifteen (15) minutes. This does not include other information services.

There are several NMC offices all over the UAE you can go to for media license processing, and there are also electronic services on the Council website.

Where do we go for assistance?

All the NMC offices (Abu Dhabi – Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman – Umm Al Quwain – Ras Al Khaimah – Fujairah and the Office of Al Ain). and through electronic services on the Council website

Service Fees

There are many service fees listed on their website, the amount depending on your activities. Head over to their website to take a look.

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