1. A ‘Referrer’ is an individual making an introduction of a prospective Client to 10 Zone. We have a separate program for corporate referrals. Please email connect@10zone.ae for details.
  2. A ‘Prospective Client’ is the individual/corporate being introduced with an intention that they avail the company setup services of 10 Zone.
  3. A ‘Referral’ is the introduction of such an individual/corporate to 10 Zone and must contain the details of the Prospective Client such as full name(s), working email address(es) and functional mobile number(s).
  4. Only Referrals resulting from an introduction made directly to a company formation consultant or an email to connect@10zone.ae or via our webpage http://10zone.ae/refer-a-friend will be entertained and considered as Referrals. Any Referrals made in retrospect will not be deemed payable should the approved channels not have been used as a method of Referral.
  5. Referee details must be received by 10 Zone by the Referrer in advance of the Referee contacting 10 Zone.
  6. The reward for a successful referral for a Mainland Company Setup is up to AED 4,000.
  7. Free Zone referrals are eligible to a minimum of AED 1,000 and up to AED 3,000.
  8. This reward shall only be deemed payable 15 working days after such time that the Prospective Client has completed and successfully submitted their license application and all professional fee payments in relation to that license application have been received by 10 Zone.
  9. 10 Zone reserves the right to delay or demand further evidence at its sole discretion.