Licensed activities in KIZAD Free Zone

KIZAD offers a wide range of business activities which are categorized into the following types of licenses:

Trading License – allows the company  to import, export, trade and store goods. In addition, there is a General Trading License,  which is issued if the total number of products exceed 17 (Seventeen) or total number of groups exceed 3 (three).

Service License – allows the company to carry out services such as consultancy.

Industrial License – allows the company to import raw materials,  manufacture products and export the finished products.

National Industrial License – this is issued for manufacturing companies with at least 51% Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council (AGCC) ownership. This license allows the holder the same status as a local or AGCC inside the UAE.



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Service License Categories

Group Code

Group Name

701 Accounts
702 Advertising
707 Consulting Services
712 Event and Exhibition Organizers
713 Catering
720 Laboratories (Non- Medical)
722 Laundry
725 Medical Clinics and Hospitals
727 Rental Services
728 Engineering Services
729 Other Repairing and Maintenance Services
730 Packaging Services
733 Restaurants and Coffee Shops
734 Services – Other
735 Shipping, Transport and Storage
736 Sewage and Cleaning Services
737 Photography

Click here for a detailed description of service activities available in KIZAD.

Trade License Categories

Group Code

Group Name

601 Advertising
602 Agricultural, Flowers and Plants
603 Aircraft and Trains Trading
604 Amusement Equipment & Supplies Trading
605 Bags, Packaging Material & Paper Trading
606 Building Materials Trading
607 Chemicals Trading
608 Electronics and Electrical Products Trading
609 Equipment and Machines Trading
610 Fuel & Petroleum Products Trading
611 Jewelry Trading
612 Metal and Metal Products Trading
613 Motor Vehicle & Auto Spare Parts Trading (excluding used products / parts)
614 Perfumery, Medicines, Beauty Products Trading
615 Readymade Garments Trading
616 Foodstuff and Beverages Trading
617 General Trading Activities
618 Ships and Boats Trading
619 Spectacles and Contact Lenses Trading
620 Sports Equipment Trading
621 Stationery and Books Trading
622 Trading of Media
623 Tobacco and Smoking Accessories Trading
625 Household Products and Furniture Trading

Industrial License Categories

Group Code

Group Name

502 Equipment, Engines, Machinery, Vehicles and Parts Manufacturing
504 Food and Beverages Industries
505 Meat Processing
506 Glassware and Porcelain Manufacturing
507 Glass Industries
508 Batteries Manufacturing
510 Manufacture of Medicines & Personal Care Products
511 Manufacture of Tyres and Rubber Products
513 Paper and Paper Products Manufacturing
514 Petroleum Products and Chemicals Manufacturing
515 Pipes, Wires, Cables and Cable Accessories Manufacturing
516 Plastic Industries
517 Printing and Publishing
518 Ship Building
519 Structural Steel and other Metals Manufacturing
520 Technical and Professional Workshops
521 Manufacturing of Wood, Wood Products and Furniture
522 Garments, Rugs, Textile & Products Manufacturing