Relocating to the UAE

A definitive guide to moving to the UAE

In this 2-part series, we examine the expenses needed to set-up during the first month; from selecting a bank account to borrowing, saving, investing and much more while highlighting the pitfalls that come with it.

LLC in Dubai

Limited Liability Companies are the most popular license type in Dubai and is preferred by many business owners. Here is a guide on how to structure LLCs in Dubai.

Corporate Banking in the UAE

Want to open a bank account in the UAE? Read this definitive guide on the requirements and process.

Finding a UAE Local Sponsor

Identifying a UAE National to act as sponsor in a Limited Liability Company can be a daunting task. Read this guide for tips.

Forming a Dubai Free Zone Company

Your guide to free zones in Dubai

Dubai has over 30 free zones to choose from. This guide covers the main features of the prominent free zones, with recommendations. 

Professional License in Dubai

A professional license allows for 100% foreign ownership. Read this guide to know more.

Your Basic Accounting Toolkit

All companies maintain accounts. Here is how you can start keeping financial records for your company.

Wages Protection System

WPS is a mandatory requirement for all companies in the Dubai Mainland. Here are the features of the Dubai WPS system.

Trade Name Guide

Your reference to trade name rules in Dubai

Post-Setup formalities

8 important steps

A ready-reckoner that details the important steps to be undertaken once your Dubai company is set up. 

Branch of a Foreign Company in Dubai

Here is a quick guide on establishing a foreign branch company in the UAE.

8 Steps to Company Formation in Dubai mainland

A guide on the steps involved in setting up a Dubai Mainland company.

Relocating to the UAE- Part 2

The second edition

The second part of the definitive guide to relocating to this part of the world. This part covers banking and investments. 

Starting up a small business

10 steps towards starting up a small business in Dubai. Read on.